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We offer a full outside cleaning service, for Decking, Patios Driveways
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Veteran Owned

Veteran Owned

30 Years Experience​

30 Years Experience

Quality Guaranteed​

Quality Guaranteed

Greater Manchester Based​

Greater Manchester Based

Patio Cleaning​

Patio Cleaning

Revive Your Outdoor Haven

At Deckcleen, our expertise extends beyond deck restoration to include top-notch patio cleaning services. Whether your patio is suffering from stubborn stains, moss, or grime buildup, we have the perfect solution to bring it back to its former glory. With our meticulous approach and high-quality cleaning techniques, your outdoor haven will be rejuvenated, ready for you to relax and unwind in style. Discover the difference of a freshly cleaned patio with Deckcleen today!

Decking Cleaning

Preserving Beauty, Enhancing Life

At Deckcleen, we specialise in the art of deck cleaning and oiling, ensuring your deck remains a captivating centrepiece of your outdoor oasis. Over time, decks can lose their lustre due to weathering and wear, but fear not – our expert team is here to restore its natural beauty.

Our meticulous deck cleaning process removes dirt, grime, and old finishes, revealing the authentic charm of the wood beneath. Once the deck is spotless, we apply high-quality oils that not only enhance its appearance but also protect it from the elements.

Decking Cleaning ​
Driveway Cleaning​

Driveway Cleaning

Unveiling a Welcoming Pathway

At Deckcleen, we offer exceptional driveway cleaning services to revitalize the entrance to your home. Your driveway, exposed to the elements day in and day out, can accumulate tough stains, dirt, and grime over time. But worry not, as our team of experts is well-equipped to transform your driveway into a welcoming pathway once again.

Using advanced cleaning techniques, we’ll eliminate stubborn stains and restore the surface to its former glory. Whether it’s concrete, brick, or paving, we handle every type of driveway with utmost care. Witness the remarkable difference as we unveil the beauty hidden beneath the grime.

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